I recommend the following anthologies for those who might want to sample the wide range of poetry that is being written today.

Poetry anthologies I recommend that contain understandable poems are “180” compiled by Billy Collins (my favorite modern poet) and “Good Poems” compiled by Garrison Keiler. All of Billy Collins books are good. Another poet who writes in the same manner as Collins is Ted Koozer.

My friend Jacob “Fog” Erin-Cilberto writes poetry that will stir your soul. His book “against the current” is now available. Contact him at Fog has written several books of poetry. All are very good. I recommend him highly.

For those who enjoy humorous novels, one of the funniest writers on the planet at the moment is Nick Hornby.

David Bond writes poetry that captures the moment and captivates your emotions. His poems about working in the coal mines and living through the tumultuous times of the last five decades are must reads for lovers of poetry. Information about David is available on the SI Writers Guild’s website–

David McKenna is another poet who writes passionately about life in several poetic forms: notably haiku. His books Roadside Diner and Blood Gems of Orochi are highly recommended and available by contacting him at PO Box 77, Prospect Heights, IL 60070 or at

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